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Friday, June 28, 2013

Minor Changes

Everything is cool in the beginning.

The client communicates their needs. You set expectations. Enthusiasm and excitement all round.

The Client shows you their current website  

You both laugh (hahaha) at how terrible it is.

You re-design the website.

It looks nice and works well. This is the high point of the design

Just a few "Minor" changes.

* Author's note: Clients have actually said all things to me. To his day i still don't know what "POP" or "Edgy" mean in regards to Web Design. I also don't know how to design website based on someone Else's feelings.

Minor changes start to add up.

soon they become not-so-minor

* Author's note: A client actually said this to me. The design had no horizontal rules or lines of any kind they were referring to the rectangular shape.

The Client gets others involved.

"Looks great, but i want to get feedback from my friend, co-workers, uncle, pet hamster, etc and etc."

* Author's note: I actually had a client include their mother in the design process so she could provide feedback and criticism.

All hope is lost.

You begin to fantasize about other careers, like someone who digs ditches for a living or gives sponge baths to the elderly.

* Author's note: I did not make this up - A Clinet actually made this request I've  never come closer to braining someone with a car battery as i did that day.

You are no longer a web designer

You are now a mouse cursor insider a graphics program which the client can control by speaking, emailing, and instant messaging.

* Author's Note: I once had a client take my design and start revising it themselves in Adobe Photoshop. They would then send me updated versions of how they felt it should look After the 13th Revision I fired the client.

An Abomination is born.

The client has completely forgetten that they hired you, the web designer, to build then a great product. If you were an Engineer designing the turbine of commercial airplane, would they interface then, I wonder?